太阳城苹果重视并尊重您的隐私权. 本隐私政策描述了GEC如何收集和使用您在太阳城苹果的网站上提供给太阳城苹果的个人信息, 通过电子邮件沟通, in your GEC交换 Visitor Account and through conversation with a GEC team member.

This 隐私政策 describes the 信息 we collect from you, how this 信息 may be used and how GEC will protect that 信息. GEC may modify or supplement this 隐私政策 when necessary and will post any changes on this page. 任何更改将于投寄日期起生效. Your continued use of our websites following the posting of these changes will mean you accept those changes. You may change your preferences regarding use of your personal 信息, 包括 to withdraw consent to the use of your personal 信息, 请联络太阳城苹果的私隐专员…..

Please review this 隐私政策 often so you are always fully informed of any changes.

您的隐私对GEC很重要, 您是否正在访问太阳城苹果的网站, 或第一次使用社交媒体平台,或无论您是常客,请花时间了解太阳城苹果的最佳实践. 如果您有任何问题,请致电太阳城苹果的隐私专员…


本隐私政策不适用于可能链接到本网站或被链接到本网站的第三方网站和移动应用程序. We are not responsible for the actions or privacy practices of third-party websites and applications; please consult those websites and applications directly to understand their privacy practices.


太阳城苹果收集, process, 并保留您和您在使用或与太阳城苹果的网站互动时可能使用的任何设备的信息, 并创建GEC交换 Visitor Account.

太阳城苹果可能会自动收集有关您使用太阳城苹果网站的一些非个人身份的计算机信息, such as the type of computer operating system you are using (such as Windows 10, Mac OS, etc.) and web browser that you are using (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.), 以及有关你的互联网服务提供商的信息, IP地址, and the frequency with which you visit various parts of our web sites.

当您访问太阳城苹果时,太阳城苹果可能会使用cookies来识别您的身份,并跟踪您的行踪,以便太阳城苹果通过太阳城苹果的网站为您提供更个性化的服务. “cookie”是太阳城苹果可能在您的计算机浏览器中放置的一小段信息,以收集有关您的偏好的信息. cookie不包含任何个人身份信息. You can use your browser settings to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, 或者你可以选择关闭所有的cookie. 如果你关掉饼干, you will not have access to some of the features on our web sites, 太阳城苹果的一些服务可能无法正常运作.

您提供给太阳城苹果的信息: When you submit a contact form or create a GEC交换 Visitor Account, 太阳城苹果收集您向太阳城苹果提供的个人信息. 资料可能包括

  • 你的名字
  • 公司名称
  • Title
  • 家庭、邮政或其他实际地址
  • 电子邮件地址(es)
  • 帐户信息(用户名和密码)
  • 电话号码,包括移动电话号码和VOIP号码
  • 出生日期
  • 政府发放的身份证信息, 包括社会保障, 护照和纳税人识别号码
  • 紧急太阳城苹果iOS人信息
  • 照片
  • Videos
  • DUNS
  • 与健康有关的信息
  • Transaction-related信息, 包括, 信用卡, routing or other preferred means of payment or billing 信息
  • Third party personal 信息, such as name and email for referral purposes
  • 工作经历
  • 移民历史
  • 犯罪史
  • 向您提供太阳城苹果的服务所需的任何其他信息

来自社交媒体的信息: 当你在社交媒体平台上与太阳城苹果互动时, we may collect the personal data that you make available to us on that page, 包括 your account ID or username and other 信息 included in your posts. 太阳城苹果不对您通过社交媒体平台向太阳城苹果发布的信息负责,您需要了解与这些论坛相关的第三方隐私政策.

其他来源的信息: We may supplement the personal data we collect with 信息 from third parties, such as 信息 collected by GEC Home Country Partner Agencies, 由GEC团队成员在活动中提供, in person or collected over the phone or during your skype interview and add it to your account 信息. 这些信息可能包括, 但不限于, 可公开获得的人口统计信息, 其他太阳城苹果iOS信息, 组从属关系, 职业信息, 和教育背景. We also may collect 信息 about you from people you have referred us to, 例如, 来确定你的资格.

太阳城苹果何时以及如何与他人分享个人数据: 本隐私通知中所述除外, GEC不会与第三方分享您的个人资料, 出租或出售邮件列表, or share your personal data with third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

服务提供商: We have third party service providers that perform functions on behalf of GEC, 包括会计, 住房的合作伙伴, 当地区域协调员和活动主办地点. These service providers may have access to personal data if necessary or useful to perform their functions. 如果获取个人信息, 这些各方将对GEC关于这些信息的保密和安全义务负责.

合作伙伴: 为了给您提供最佳的客户体验,GEC可能会与太阳城苹果的合作代理分享您的相关信息, 信息, 项目和服务. 太阳城苹果可能会在评估您的申请和完成您的课程安置的过程中共享信息.

执法/保护: GEC reserves the right to share 信息 about you where GEC is obligated to comply with a legal requirement. We may disclose 信息 where we are required to do so by law, 例如, 对法庭命令或传票的回应. 在适用法律允许的范围内, 太阳城苹果也可能应执法机构的要求披露个人身份信息,或者如果太阳城苹果认为此类披露可能会防止煽动犯罪, 协助调查与公共安全有关的案件, protect the security or integrity of our web site(s) and networks, 和/或使太阳城苹果能够采取预防责任, 滥用或未经授权使用.


为了保护您的个人身份信息,太阳城苹果在GEC已经进行了技术投资并实施了组织措施. We limit the 信息 we obtain to the minimum necessary in order to provide our services effectively. We also restrict access to that 信息 by use of password protected systems. We may, 在太阳城苹果公司的范围内, collect and store personally‑identifiable 信息 using encryption technology. 当使用, encryption allows you and us to input before encrypted 信息 is sent via the Internet. 太阳城苹果作出商业上合理的努力,以确保太阳城苹果在网站上收集的个人身份信息不受未经授权的访问. However, please be aware (as you see in the News from time to time) that no system is completely secure from hackers, 政府的入侵, 网络故障和错误, 太阳城苹果不能保证保密, security and integrity of 信息 maintained on our web site(s).

孩子们的数据: 太阳城苹果的网站只面向16岁及以上的用户. 相应的, we will not knowingly collect or use any personal data from children that we know to be under the age of 16. If we become aware of personal data in our database that was collected from a child under 16, 太阳城苹果将删除这些信息.

将个人数据转移到美国: GEC位于美国. 请注意,您提供给太阳城苹果的任何信息可能被转移到美国并在美国处理,并受美国法律的约束. 美国的隐私和数据保护法律可能不等同于你居住国家的法律.

根据《太阳城苹果》第45条,美国既没有寻求也没有收到欧盟关于“适当性”的裁决. GEC relies on derogations for specific situations as set forth in Article 49 of the GDPR. 特别是,GEC收集和转移到美国.S. personal data only: with your consent; to perform a contract with you; or to fulfill a compelling legitimate interest of GEC in a manner that does not outweigh your rights and freedoms. GEC努力采取适当的保障措施,以保护您的个人资料的私隐及安全,并仅在符合您与GEC的关系及本私隐通知所述的做法的情况下使用该等资料.


GEC may use your personally identifiable 信息 (email address, telephone number, etc.) to fulfill requested services and/or follow up with you as is deemed necessary. 太阳城苹果收集的信息只会在必要时与招聘人员或协助太阳城苹果提供内部操作支持的管理员共享. We also may use this 信息 to notify you of future opportunities and additional services. 如果您不想要任何此类更新, 通过电子邮件或短信, simply opt out of those communications by sending an email to that effect to our privacy-related email address, ………………或者,通过U.S. mail, c / o隐私官, 全球教育的概念, 2451中庭, 纳什维尔, TN 37214, 在标题栏注明“退出隐私保护”. 请允许长达21天的选择退出生效.


根据电子邮件请求交付到 privacy@5rq6q8a.chacaraparafesta.net or via U.S. mail, c / o隐私官, 全球教育的概念, 2451中庭, 纳什维尔, TN 37214, 在标题栏注明“索取资料”, 太阳城苹果将为您提供, 免费的, an electronic copy of the personally‑identifiable 信息 that we maintain about you. You may request that we correct any factual errors in such 信息, 通知太阳城苹果, again, 在电子邮件地址 privacy@5rq6q8a.chacaraparafesta.net 或者,通过U.S. mail, c / o隐私官, 全球教育的概念, 2451中庭, 纳什维尔, TN 37214, 包括你的名字, 电子邮件地址, 还有电话号码,太阳城苹果可以核实你的身份, 以及任何经过修正的事实信息. Please allow us up to 21 days from the date of our receipt of your request for any such updates to take effect.


根据电子邮件请求交付到 privacy@globaledconcepts.com or via U.S. mail, c / o隐私官, 全球教育的概念, 2451中庭, 纳什维尔, TN 37214, 在标题栏注明“删除个人信息”, 连同你的名字, 电子邮件地址, 还有电话号码,太阳城苹果可以核实你的身份, we will remove all personally-identifiable 信息 to the extent we are able to. Some minimum 信息 may be maintained as required for the auditing of our services provided. 删除或停止收集资料可能会导致最初向您提供的服务被取消. Please allow us up to 21 days from the date of our receipt of your request for any such deletion to take effect. GEC在适当的时间内保留数据, and for all Exchange Visitors we retain your 信息 as regulated by the Department of State.


如果你是欧洲经济区或瑞士的居民, you are entitled to the following rights once the GDPR becomes effective:

  • 要求删除资料的权利-如阁下的资料不再为收集目的所需要,阁下有权要求将阁下的资料从本网站删除, you withdraw consent and no other legal basis for processing exists, 或者您认为您在数据隐私和保护方面的基本权利超过了太阳城苹果继续处理此事的合法利益.
  • The right to restrict or object to our processing – you have the right to restrict or object to our processing if we are processing your data based on legitimate interests or the performance of a task in the public interest as an exercise of official authority (包括 profiling); using your data for direct marketing (包括 profiling); or processing your data for purposes of scientific or historical research and statistics.
  • 反对自动决策的权利——如果太阳城苹果的自动决策对你产生了法律或类似的重大影响,你有权利避免被自动决策所约束,并坚持人工干预.


在不太可能发生的情况下,数据泄露导致受影响个人的权利和自由面临风险, 想提前将, 没有不必要的延迟, notify their customers within 72 hours following first becoming aware of a data breach.

Email: privacy@5rq6q8a.chacaraparafesta.net